Omni Bus

Curiosity Brings Learnings

A highly research oriented approach to simplify the learning process and inculcate a love for learning in all students. When students possess with the character strengthĀ of love of learningĀ are motivated to acquire new skills or knowledge or to build on existing skills or knowledge. Students who love to learn are more like to engage in their schoolwork and receive positive feedback from teachers and parents.

Here, the aim of Omnibus is to fire the curiosity exists in each child which had left behind in their early childhoods. Omnibus firmly believes learning is fun and joyful when student is fully involved and experiencing the learning process. Unfortunately, learning is a herculean task when student does not have hands on experiences and the reflections of the true concepts of their learning subjects.

The 21 st century education is truly based on experiences and reflections. Experiential learning is learning by doing and conceptual understanding of each subject. At the heart of all learning is, the way we process our experiences, especially our critical reflections on our experiences.
Hence, Omnibus launches an experiment that brings learning to life.

Salient Features of Omnibus

Develops love for learning

Recognize achievements

Focus not only grades but also skills

Focus on strengths and weaknesses

Facilitate learning with technology

Reinforce positive behaviours

Meditations and psychotherapies

Always respond with positivity

Help students develop intrinsic motivation

Celebrate success

Employ class-building games and activities

Plan for the future, live in the moment

Seek answers together but not single

Establish positive parent relationships

Content knowledge and 21st century themes

Provide opportunities to experience new things

Complete involvement and individual attention

Address student psychological and mental Needs

Practise mindfulness to see the world around them

Create opportunities to learn easily and quickly

Get out and exploring the treasures of knowledge

Treat each students as if they are our own child

Adapt the new learning methods and easy learning techniques